Thursday, September 2, 2021

My email to IDA Ontario in 2018 and my tweet to Alicia Smith on 30.8.2021


Alicia Smith @AliciaFromTiny.

She is the current President, International Dyslexia Association – Ontario.

Her twitter account says: ‘This is my personal account, thoughts and opinions posted are my own.’

The following are her tweets and my comments.

Thank you @Todaysparent

Every parent needs to know about the issues with reading instruction in Canadian schools so their children don't fall prey to the "wait and see" approach and miss out on the optimal window for intervention! #RightToRead

Luqman Michel: @luqmanmichel Replying to @AliciaFromTiny and @Todaysparent

How are they being taught wrongly?

How children are taught wrongly to read is not unique to Canada. It is a universal problem.

I wrote to more than 30 Dyslexia Associations in 2010. Not one of them was interested in understanding why many kids are unable to read in English but are able to read in other languages.  What are these issues that are not widely known in Canada?

Alicia Smith @AliciaFromTiny Replying to @luqmanmichel and @Todaysparent

Yes, unfortunately these issues are not widely known yet in Canada, this has led to many (if not most) parents trusting that schools know what to do and 1/3 of kids not learning to read well.

My comment now: Does Alicia or IDA Ontario know the issues faced by these kids which are not widely known in Canada?

If Alicia does not know why many kids are able to read in many languages but not in English should she not discuss this matter with me so that others may benefit from our discussion? 

Here is another tweet from me to Alicia and Todaysparent.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel @AliciaFromTiny and @Todaysparent

Here is a response from IDA Ontario in 2018.

Your email has been forwarded to our board. Thank you for your email to our website. It is known that not all struggling readers are dyslexic. There are many causes for individuals to struggle with reading/writing.

Replying to @AliciaFromTiny and @Todaysparent

What did the board decide? Where is their response?

My comment now: As the president of IDA Ontario I think she should respond to my question on what the board decided in 2018 on my email to them.

What are the many causes for individuals to struggle with reading?

What is the % of kids struggling to read who are not dyslexic? I would think the % would be about 99%.


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