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Brain Rsearch - Dr. Sam Bommarito Part 2


The following was tweeted by Kerry:

Kerry Greaves @KerryGr76867180 Feb 4

The reasons Reading Recovery is being banned in many states - it works for few and when it doesn’t, the child is blamed…

Luqman Michel

The question to ask is why does it work for a few and not the rest. Also, why does phonics work for some and not others?

Why does phonics work for any child, with no acuity problems, when using my book?


Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7

Those are all kinds of research questions with plenty of research to answer them. Your claims around your book need to be verified with actual research studies. I know you are doing good work- but for wide-scale adoptions of what you are doing, that kind of field testing needs to be done.


My response:

"I want people to think". (Socrates) 

We fall for stories created by those who either can't think well, deliberately write to misguide others or set a tone to convert false into real.

When it comes to some of the nonsense that so-called ‘experts’ say, a majority get into agreement without a question raised.

Dr. Sam Bommarito read the sample pages of my book Teach Your Child to Read and concluded that my book will not work as some kids can’t be taught using Synthetic phonics.

Yet, he agreed with P.D.Pearson who said that any kind of phonics is good for kids.

My book incorporates all the different kinds of phonics stated by P.D. Pearson in his discussion with Dr. Sam. Here is what P.D. Pearson said in the discussion with Dr. Sam.

I have no objection to kids learning any approach to phonics. If I were responsible for teaching early reading I’d want kids to be able to do sequential decoding and analytical phonics. I am a big fan of word family phonics and it is a legitimate approach to teaching phonics. Other things being equal I would want kids to be able to use all of those things but at the same time, I also want them to be adept at using contextual clues to narrow the range of possibilities. LINK

My book, Teach Your Child to Read incorporates all the different phonics including word family, contextual clues, patterns, analogies, etc.  LINK

It is Dr. Sam who tweeted and asked me why I recommend Dolch words to be memorised. My question to him and all his cohorts is why can’t 220 words be taught to kids to be rote memorised?

On the other hand they say that phonics does not work because many words are not phonetic. Here is something relevant from another 'expert' Marion Blank:

The main complaint about phonics is that there is no way these non-content words can be learned phonetically. But Marion Blank herself says that with about 20 to 30 exposures a child will be able to over-learn these words to automaticity.

Marion Blank said that children have no solid tools for dealing with the most frequent words they see on every page. LINK

If 20 to 30 exposures can get a child to automatise the non-phonetic words, then by all means, get all children to rote memorise these words and together with phonics commence reading. No child will be left behind.

Most educators don't want to see the truth; they want to see what they believe...

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