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Someone from the other side of the globe suggested that I should do a press release so that there will be greater exposure of my book. 

This is a free press release that has 10 links to other sites. 

Teach Your Child to Read by Luqman Michel

This book quite simply spells out exactly how to address reading problems. And that is it. Right to the point. Parents and teachers will be relieved to find in this book how their students can easily learn how to read.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Feb 10, 2024 (  - Luqman Michel embarked upon teaching children how to read when requested to do so by his neighbour whose son could not read even a single sentence after two years of schooling and kindergarten.


After observing how and why children could not read, he formulated a very simple procedure to teach them how to read.

Because the solution to reading problems is quite simple, many parents and teachers are quite dumbfounded.

There is nothing to it. Just teach the sounds represented by letters correctly and inform the students that almost all the letters represent more than one sound. That is all.

Luqman Michel is not a trained teacher.

Curious as to why intelligent kids could not read, Luqman decided to research and teach more than 80 similar kids from 2004 to 2019.

By 2010, Luqman was convinced that the more than 35-year-old theory, that existed at that time, that phonological awareness deficit was the cause of dyslexia, was incorrect.

Between 2010 and 2017, Luqman wrote more than 100 articles on social media disagreeing with that theory until that theory was debunked in 2017.

You may read some of the articles on Google at the following link

In 2018 Luqman published a book Shut Down Kids detailing the causes of kids shutting down from learning to read.

In 2023 Luqman published a book, Teach Your Child to Read, which can be used by any parent to teach their children to read without much supervision. In each chapter of the book, there is a QR code that can be scanned to listen to the whole lesson.

The book may be purchased on Amazon at the following link


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