Monday, February 19, 2024

Shameless self-promotion


This is for authors who want to promote their books on Twitter.

Every day since January 2024 I have seen many Tweets to promote each other’s books.

It goes on throughout the week with Twitters promoting books from Sunday to Saturday.

Here is one such example of promotion on Friday. 

Hey #writerscommunity, It's #ShamelessSelfpromoFriday      Let's support each other!   Share your work here #BooksWorthReading #writerslift #author #amwriting #books #readingcommunity #WIPs #fantasybooks #poetry #booktwt #blogs #podcasts #YouTubeDrawn #commissionsopen.

Here is one of many for Saturday promotion.

Daniele Vaccaro @DanieleAuthor


Hello #writingcommunity Let's do a #writerslift

Share your awesome #books #SelfPromoSaturday

#ShamelessSelfpromoSaturday #AuthorsOfTwitter

#ebooks #BookWorm #writersoftwitter

#GoodReads #AmazonBestSeller

#FICTION #nonfiction #BookLover #novel #bookish

Have a great day!


I have Tweeted my book and it has been promoted by a number of them. I started this sometime in January and will continue until at least the end of this month and see if there is any difference in the sales of Teach Your Child to Read.

I will get to know the effect of January Tweets only in April or May; i.e. 90 to 100 days from the day of sales on amazon.

Even if it puts the book in the hands of 1 parent/teacher it will be worth the effort.

The following authors reposted my Tweets and I thanked them. I want this for record purposes.

Thank you for reposts of my tweet/s

@BlesiRebekah @DreamChaser_CN @SteveSheppard2 @ellenmarie342 @Ana_Thomas089 @DavidBlair46320 @ash_progressw @CardenaLeyla @_pecaka @Ksparkle05 @DavidKonrad24 @StrytellinJerry @thevoguewriters @Author_S_Miller @sillymickel @AlexFTweets

These are a few more that I have yet to thank.

@kbosanders @TurlsA18 @Meredith_author @AuthorThurmond @Nicole_Dake @birdwriter7

Special thanks to Daniele Vaccaro for the following Tweet.

Daniele Vaccaro @DanieleAuthor Jan 31

Replying to @MichelLuqman @_pecaka and 9 others

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See how small the world has become. These authors who have promoted my book are from the other side of the globe.

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