Friday, September 8, 2017

Speaking out

This post is in response to a post in a blog I read. It is a prelude to what I intend to write this Sunday on some of our so called experts like Andrew Johnson, David Boulton, Reid Lyon, Timothy Shanahan and a few others.

All these guys are just too naïve to connect the dots.

I have thought over this long enough and believe what I am doing is not vicious personal attack. I am giving a chance to all these guys to give their views. I am all ears. 

As the good book says ‘I am not going to hide the light - I have found - under a bushel’.

I don’t have any restrictions on what I write as I have chosen not to be employed for 14 years now. My only motive for writing on FB, my Blog and LinkedIn is to share what I have learned from my students.

The problem is that what I have learned from teaching, observing and interviewing my students does not appear to qualify as research in the eyes of the educators.

When is a researcher ever going to listen to disengaged students reading in Malay and romanised Mandarin and teach these (shut-down) kids on a one on one basis for more than 10 years and learn what I have learned.

Daniel Kahneman says in his book ‘Thinking fast and slow’: ‘We are far too willing to believe research findings based on inadequate evidence and prone to collect too few observations in our own research. The goal of our study was to examine whether other researchers suffered from the same affliction. We found that our expert colleagues, like us, greatly exaggerated the likelihood that the original result of an experiment would be successfully replicated even with a small sample. They also gave very poor advice to a fictitious graduate student about the number of observations she needed to collect. Even statisticians were not good intuitive statisticians.’
‘……..during the years of our collaboration, neither of us (Amos and Kahneman) ever rejected out of hand anything the other said.’

Yes, people are throwing anything and everything they can at ‘Researched’. Anything that has not been ‘Researched’ is inacceptable.

Shutting down fair comments, not responding to fair comments and disconnecting members from one’s connection is not acceptable to me.

I have mentioned time and again that a majority of so called ‘dyslexic’ kids are just kids who have shut-down or disengaged from learning to read and I have indisputable proof of this.

Timothy Shanahan saying that there is no research reports to support what I say is not going to stop me from writing what I have discovered.

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