Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Core Deficit of Dyslexia - Dr. David Kilpatrick

Here are my comments on Dr. Kilpatrick’s video found here.

Dr. Kilpatrick:

At minute 11.05 it says: The Phonological – Core Deficit of Dyslexia

“Although some individuals with dyslexia have weaknesses in a variety of areas, impaired phonological processing appears to be a universal cause of dyslexia.”

Weakness in one or more of the following (often more than one – sometimes all of these):

 i. Phonemic awareness/analysis

ii. Phonemic blending/synthesis

iii. Rapid automatized naming

iv. Phonological working memory

v. Nonsense word reading & letter-sound knowledge acquisition.


At minute 14.35 it says: Dyslexic kids who are unable to read do not even have basic phonological skills.


My comment: 


Is it really a weakness of Phonological awareness? 


For how much longer are we going to dupe the world with misinformation like this? 


Are we saying that 20% of kids around the world lack phonological awareness?


How can we go around saying dyslexics have a weakness in phonological awareness when the said dyslexic students can read in other languages? 


How can we say that dyslexics have a phonological awareness deficit when they are taught the wrong sounds represented by consonants and are unable to blend letters?


Dr. Kilpatrick:


At minute 16.46 it says: Efficiently remembering words via orthographic mapping appears to require:

i.                     Letter-sound proficiency

ii.                   Phonemic proficiency.


My comment:


My research says otherwise. You don’t need Letter-sound proficiency or phonemic proficiency to remembering words via orthographic mapping. 


All my students were able to map the 220 Dolch words by rote memory. They repeated words a few times using letter names and were able to read words fluently after a few months. 


Read my post at https://www.dyslexiafriend.com/2021/12/phonemic-awareness-and-how-children.html#more on other studies that have reported that proficiency with phonological and phonemic tasks is not necessary for successful word-reading.

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