Friday, October 27, 2023

Acquired Learning Disabilities Part 1


On 25.10.23 I Tweeted the following:

Baby TV Channel and Reading Reform UK are 2 of the main culprits for poor reading performance in the world. I have explained this in my blog post. LINK

More than 100 countries in the world broadcast Baby TV programmes.

I tagged Geraldine Carter the Managing Director of Piper Books who told me in June 2020, that the Reading Reform Foundation receives thousands of requests, messages, and different points of view. It is not possible to address all of them. Perhaps write your own programme and get it published?


I wrote my own programme and published my book this year and it is as good as any programme on teaching children to read and it is the cheapest in the world complete with Tracking which enables a kid to listen to the lessons while following the book. LINK


Pat Stone@PATSTONE55

There are dozens that purport to teach phonics. Many are shockingly bad. If the kid wants to watch, let them, but point out the nonsense.


My note now: Pat Stone probably never reads links I attach. I have linked my post on early input and how difficult it is for kids to unlearn. She has the audacity to say let children listen to nonsense and let adults explain to them. Is there any wonder that our illiteracy rate has remained the same for decades!

Luqman Michel

This is the particular programme I am talking about. LINK

I have already found the correct one. (A YouTube video enunciating the sounds of the consonants correctly). LINK

Teach kids this way and no kid will have problems blending letter sounds.

Pat Stone @PATSTONE55


Nice. But who is it pitched at? Not the kids.

Luqman Michel


This is for teachers to know that all consonants can be taught without extraneous sounds. This is for them to teach letter sounds correctly.

If she (the lady in the video clip) can do it anyone can and should.

Pat Stone @PATSTONE55

They can’t though. Not in isolation. Please record yourself saying g b d l y and w with no preceding or following schwa, and post it here.

It’s impossible to be perfect.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

Get a copy of my book Teach Your Child to Read and point out if you hear any consonants pronounced with extraneous sounds.

My notes now: If Pat Stone had listened to the two videos attached she would know the contrast between the two. The video by Baby TV has many of the consonants with extraneous sounds. Consonants b,c,d,f,g,h,k,l,n,p,q,r,v,w,y are are sounded with extraneous sounds. This is what makes it difficult for kids to blend letters and cause them to be wrongly classified as dyslexic. Without knowing this fact, the balance literature advocates blame phonics as the culprit.

If Pat Stone had listened to the second video above she would not have said that consonants cannot be pronounced without extraneous sounds in isolation. I can't blame her as this is what she probably has read on social media. Many educators and researchers have said this for years.  


To be continued... 

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