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Education as a market literally means marketers must create a ‘problem’ – Jane Caro


                                                                            Jane Caro

The following was a Tweet in August 2020.

Aug 4, 2020

Decision-makers must listen to those with qualifications and experience, not those with a vested interest. Myths and deception: ‘synphonpreneurs’ are pushing synthetic phonics in schools —@craigp66 @nswppa @TeachersFed @JaneCaro @Anncaro11

Jane Caro @JaneCaro in August 2020 Tweeted the following:

Yep, education as a market literally means marketers must create a 'problem' (teachers don't know how to teach kids to read properly) and then sell us an expensive solution ('synthetic phonics tm) (I just made the trade- mark bit up, but you get the gist) is the only 'answer'.

There was a tweet that was not agreeable to Jane Caro and it was deleted. This is a Western disease and is one of the reasons they do not progress. They either delete or ignore tweets they cannot reply. LINK

The following is Jane Caro’s tweet after deleting the Tweet (not my tweet) she disagreed with.


Jane Caro @JaneCaro Aug 6, 2020

Off you pop, petal. If the fact that we disagree on something upsets you that much, better we no longer engage. I do not exist to live up to anyone’s expectations but my own. Cheers.

My comments now:

I have the experience of having taught more than 80 ‘dyslexic’ kids on a one-on -one basis from 2004 to 2019. These 'educators' will not listen to what I have to say nor are they learned enough to disagree with what I have discovered.

Teachers do not know how to teach kids to teach (decode) properly. This is the main cause of kids disengaging from learning to read. I have written a book detailing why kids disengage from learning to read. Either these educators do not comprehend or do not agree because it is not discovered by them.

Why would these so-called educators delete Tweets or block others is beyond me? I can only put it down to a bad upbringing.

Then came Anne Castles and Tweeted the following:

Anne Castles @annecastles

Jane, I think you do a disservice to kids who struggle with reading, and their families, to suggest they are a manufactured problem. Teaching reading is complex (and phonics is only one, albeit important, part) - let's give our wonderful teachers all the help they can get!

I and my colleagues at @MQCReading have devoted our careers to trying to understand how children learn to read and how to help those who struggle. We are always happy to share what we know (and to learn from teacher expertise) - very happy to talk further any time.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Aug 5, 2020

The ones with a vested interest create the problem so that they can market their products.

You make reading complex when it is not.

This has been ongoing for decades. We have SSP and SoR proponents and we have so-called educators peddling their products.

Some of these so-called educators are heads of educational establishments.

Educators, where only English is taught in schools, should listen to those who speak a few languages. Let us discuss instead of arguing to see who is right rather than seeing what is right.

Educators cannot be that obtuse not to understand what I have been saying for 10 years.

They create the problem and when a solution to ending the reading wars is given they pretend not to understand.

Anne Castles I have told you that many kids leave school as illiterate due to confusion. Let us discuss this openly.

My comment now:

Is teaching reading that complex? No! I have researched this and have detailed the reasons why kids disengage from learning to read. LINK Despite not being able to read at the end of grade one, because of confusion created by teachers teaching wrongly, they are promoted to grades 2,3 and 4 and then they complain that kids misbehave. Many kids misbehave due to shame avoidance and this was already researched by the ‘experts’ in Children of the Code. LINK

The stress created by the misbehavior is one of the main reasons teachers leave schools.

Instead of tackling the basic cause, they go about trying to cure the symptoms.

Surely, these educators are incapable of finding out why kids disengage from learning to read but they cannot be that naïve not to understand when I have explained it clearly in my book. Link


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