Sunday, October 29, 2023

The simple view of reading


The image above is copied from a post on LinkedIn by , a highly accomplished Reading Specialist. 

Here is a comment I wrote this morning on the post above.

The above is the simple view of reading put forward more than 30 years ago (More than thirty years ago) by Gough and Tunmer in 1986.

An individual's reading comprehension (RC) is the product of his decoding skill (WR) and language comprehension (LC).

The question that begs a response is why has the reading proficiency level remained the same since 1972.

I published a book in 2018 detailing the causes of why many kids are unable to read. You may get a copy on Amazon. LINK

In the above view, word recognition (WR) and language comprehension (LC) are necessary.

Many educators/researchers write about word recognition (decoding skill) and take only one part of it viz. phonics. Herein lies the problem.

What is phonics? Phonics is sound-symbol Skills and blending. If sound-symbol skills were taught wrongly then how could one be teaching phonics?

I have been harping about teaching the sounds of consonants without extraneous sounds for more than a decade but many schools around the world are still teaching the sounds wrongly and blaming phonics.

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