Friday, October 20, 2023

English Reading Code is complex says Larissa Philipps.


Here are tweets I read this morning and my comments:

Larissa Phillips


The English reading code is complex to be sure.

But of all the adult reading students I’ve worked with through the years, not a single one started able to decode unfamiliar CVC words.

Almost all have memorized the common irregular words.

But can’t read words like jig, lad, yen.

My comment:

Larissa is a volunteer teacher teaching adults. She probably never reads any of my replies to her or she does not understand my replies.


If her students have memorised the most common irregular words then her job is made easy by having to teach only the sounds of letters and blending these sounds. My book includes all the three word families she has listed, ig, ad and en.

All she needs to do is to get a copy of my book, Teach Your Child to Read, or get her adult students to buy a copy each and learn by themselves. Perhaps she is selfish and fears that she may lose her students as they will be able to read using my book.

LeQuisha Underwood @IAmLeQuisha

The years of telling families that rote memorization would create readers. The word lists.  I had a student tell me once “I can’t guess the right word” I almost cried. Then I explained that reading is about the sounds that letters can make. He was much happier once I showed him how.

My comment:

I don’t think she understands what is rote memorisation. 

Larissa Phillips @larissaphillip

I get how much easier it would seem, especially with students who aren’t getting it— just memorize this list, add some context clues, and you’re good for 1st or 2nd grade. Phew!

20 years later they’re still there.

My comment:

Why can’t it be, memorise this list and learn the sounds of the letters and teach them to read?


Liz Stepan @LizStepan

Do they rely on visual memory for spelling? I’m finding some of my teens are amazing visual spellers but as complexity increases their abilities break down.

My response:

Does Larissa understand that children should not be taught to read by visual memory? I tweeted two links for her to read and hopefully she does.

Larissa Phillips @larissaphillip

Lots of adults like that, forever stuck at the limits of their memory and known vocabulary.

My comment:

Another nonsense.  Is there a limit to memory and known vocabulary? And this woman is a teacher.

I Tweeted the following and let us see if anyone of them will reply.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

This thread is an example of those who go around wearing blinkers. If common irregular words are memorised and kids are also taught phonics why would anyone be unable to read?

Some of those in this thread still believe that kids learn by visual memory. How stupid can they be?

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