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Major cause of 'dyslexia'.


Here is another Tweet that was not replied to by Dr. Sam Bommarito.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

I did not speak a word with Alanna's son. I heard a recording of the sounds of the letters and told Alanna that the reason why her son could not read was due to confusion as a result of extraneous sounds taught by his teacher. She corrected him and he was keen on learning to read.

Let’s discuss this. What exactly do you disagree with, Dr.Sam?

Tell me why Alanna's son was keen on learning to read after his mother taught him the sounds of the letters without the extraneous sounds. You are familiar with this discussion on Twitter in 2020/2021.

Dr. Sam did not reply but here is an answer he Tweeted in January 2021 to Alanna Maurin’s Tweet.

Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7 Jan 4, 2021

What works with one child doesn't always work with another. Glad you found something that is working for your student. Here is a blog in which I try to make it clear one size doesn't fit all.

This appears to be a stock answer. 

I repeatedly said that most kids disengage from learning to read due to confusion. Fortunately, a majority work their way out of the confusion. They figure out how to read despite being taught wrongly. The kids predisposed to shutting down disengage from learning to read and are then lumped together with dyslexic kids.

For more than 35 years the Western world conned the world into believing that these kids were unable to read because of phonological awareness deficit. Between 2004 and 2017 not a week passed without articles on kids being unable to read due to phonological awareness deficit (PAD). I wrote more than 100 articles disagreeing with this theory which was debunked in 2017. Read some of my articles in 2010 by Googling. LINK

If PAD which was believed to be the cause for more than 35 years was debunked, then what is the cause of kids being unable to read? Did Dr. Sam or any of the other educators/ researchers try to figure this out?

This is what I did by teaching so-called dyslexic kids on a one-on-one basis from 2004 to 2019.

I asked kids, who were unable to read, to sound out the sounds represented by all the letters and based on just that I told the parents that I would be able to get their children to read. Dr. Sam’s stock answer, ‘What works with one child doesn't always work with another. Glad you found something that is working for your student’ does not appeal to my senses.

I have helped many parents by asking them for recordings of their children sounding out the letter sounds. Alanna Maurin is only one of them. I have a few more recordings where I ask the parents to correct the sounds and find that the child begins to read and enjoy reading.

I interviewed Dr. Richard Selznick, a paediatrician, in 2010 who told me that a vast number of a few thousand kids, his patients, pronounced the consonants with vowel sounds. These are the kids whom he recommends to a training that directly teaches the sounds of alphabet. LINK

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