Friday, October 13, 2023

Research on why kids can read in transparent languages but not in English


Let us continue with the tweets by Dr. Sam and my replies on 8.10.23.

Dr. Sam:

You are at the starting stage of research. You need carefully designed research around this issue.  You have promising practices. But at the end of the day yes we need peer-reviewed research for ideas to become widely accepted.

I am not sure if I am at the starting stage of research. As far as I am concerned, I have finished my research. We'll leave this for another day. Anyway, here is my reply.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

Beginning stage of research? Perhaps you are right. I gave up employment in 2004 to learn why kids could not read in English but could read in Malay. I taught > 80 'dyslexic' kids and read incessantly any article on dyslexia. There is hardly anything new on dyslexia to read.

When is anyone going to teach kids Malay or Hanyu Pinyin and at the same time teach them English to research why they can read in 2 languages but not the third?

When is anyone going to do research on why kids disengage from learning to read?


Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7

Actually, that makes the study more likely to be funded. If you can locate a local professor, you might be able to turn it into an action research study only if you are interested in doing research. At the very least, I would keep accurate records about the kids you have helped and do follow-up when you can.  That's not a full research project, but it would make more people pay attention to what you are doing.

Luqman Michel:

I understand. I honestly don't know who started this peer-reviewed research but it appears to have been ingrained in the minds of many. Most research is skewed. This is what Daniel Kahneman said. LINK



The researchers/professors also wear blinkers like most of the educators on Twitter. Their minds are made up and they refuse to think. They don’t correct mistakes made unintentionally or intentionally when they have tweeted disinformation. A glaring example will be when educators like Emina McLean and a string of others tweeted that knowing the sounds of 10 letters will get a child to read 26,000 words. LINK

Look at the number of educators on that thread. They cannot be that stupid, can they? Imagine the number of innocent parents and teachers who will be misled by that tweet.

It is widely reported that many ‘dyslexics’ can read in transparent languages like, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, etc.

1.     Why are the researchers not doing research to find out why kids are able to read in Spanish, Italian or Finnish but not in English?

2.     Why are researchers not researching why kids who are classified as dyslexic able to read after a short period of intervention?

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