Sunday, October 1, 2017

Moral Failure

This is the final part of 3 parts on the comment made by Annaleese McNamara.

“Often it sounds as if the tones have a subtext of accusing the other person of moral failure, so it's not blatantly ad hominem but the "music" of the argument makes it so, and that just makes the other more entrenched, because they might lose face.”

Wow! So beautifully written!

Let us first establish who we are talking about here. We are talking about educators of teachers. We are talking about people whom the public hold in high esteem. We are talking about individuals who can alter the course of the future lives of millions of kids each year.

These educators therefore owe it to the world to act in utmost good faith.

They should be looking out for ways and means to help kids who are leaving school as illiterates. They should look for the root problem and get rid of that hindrance.

There should be no argument of getting “more entrenched because of loss of face”. This is not a matter of winning or losing. (I have translated a video clip from Tamil to English for a lesson on humility here)

When someone suggests ways to solve the problem faced by kids predisposed to shutting down those responsible should look into it seriously and have a discussion so that the whole world may benefit.

Now, let us look at “a subtext of accusing the other person of moral failure” (Annaleese):

What does moral failure mean? Moral failure will be a breach of morality which should be differentiated from ‘error of knowledge’.

An error of knowledge is unintentional mistake. On the other hand a breach of morality is the conscious choice of an action you know to be immoral.

A good question to ask will be: would a psychologically healthy person be unmoved by the suffering of disengaged kids (disengaged from learning to read)? Would a professor in charge of teaching teachers be untouched by the suffering of parents of such disengaged kids?

Would a responsible educator not consider the plight of such kids and not contemplate a way to avoid shutting-down?

Now let us examine the following with regard to moral failure:

If you, as an educator do not follow up on what has been brought up does it not tantamount to moral failure?

If you delete suggestions made in public domain and then use that deleted information subsequently as if the idea comes from you is that not moral failure?

Please refer to this link for proof of deletion.

If someone has specifically given you information on how to eradicate illiteracy and you do not respond because you had not thought of it yourself is it not moral failure?

(Please refer below to links to emails to Dr. David Boulton and Dr. Reid Lyon in 2015)

If you spend 15 years interviewing more than 120 specialists utilizing millions of dollars and still have not found the cause of why the illiteracy rate is as high as it has ever been is it not moral failure?

Here is something (a few extracts) I read in the internet a few days ago.

“From the much celebrated report "A Nation at Risk," we learned that American students ranked last among 21 industrial nations on seven of nineteen academic tests.
To top it off, the number of incompetent teachers, as judged by the easiest of tests, is shocking, and the quality of college graduates going into the education profession is a disgrace.
Being a teacher is an inherently moral endeavor—but do enough educators truly understand the moral value of their work?”

Here is something from Mark Zuckerberg’s inspiring speech I heard yesterday:

I felt alone. And worst, it was my fault.
I wondered if I was just wrong. An imposter, a 22 year old kid, who has no idea
of how things actually worked. Now years later I understand that that is how
things work when there is no sense of higher purpose.
So, it is up to us to create it so that we can all move forward together.
Purpose is that feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that
you are needed and that you have something better ahead to work.
Purpose is what creates true happiness.

Yes, let us all live a purposeful life and move forward together. Let us help fellow human beings as they are an extension of us.

We were born with a gift to make this world a better place so let us make this a better world for the kids of the future.

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