Tuesday, August 25, 2020

My 2018 prediction coming true?


On August 22 Narelle Lynch from Australia tweeted about Australia’s recent dramatic decline in literacy. I was not able to read the supporting article as I am not a subscriber. It is found here. 

And today 25.8.2020 I read a similar article about kids turning off reading in New Zealand. You may read it here.

Here are relevant extracts from the article.

Young New Zealanders are turning off reading in record numbers – we need a new approach to teaching literacy

New data suggest this is an urgent problem, with growing numbers of young people turning off reading. According to a recent report from the Education Ministry’s chief education science adviser, 52% of 15-year-olds now say they read only if they have to – up from 38% in 2009.


The report made a number of recommendations, including that the ability to “decode” words become a focus in the first years of school. The importance of decoding to literacy success was reiterated by learning disability and dyslexia advocacy group SPELD NZ. It called for a change in teacher training and urgent professional development in structured literacy teaching.


Back in 2018 I had warned that there will be more kids shutting down from learning to read and it appears that my prediction is coming true.

As at 2018 there were more than 100 countries airing the TV programme Charlie and the Alphabet which is meant for toddlers. I predicted that all kids predisposed to shutting down, listening to this video clip will shut down from learning to read.

Could the above be the reason for the growing number of children turning off reading? Read one of a few articles I wrote in 2018 here.

A few Twitters got together and commented that the TV programme ‘Charlie and the Alphabet’ is just an entertainment programme and not an educational one. Don’t they know the damage this programme can do to young minds?

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