Thursday, August 20, 2020

Tennessee Foundational Skills


In preparation of an article to post on my blog I googled ‘Phonics Luqman Michel’ and saw more than 50 entries including the following.

I shall write more on this in the next few days but meanwhile parents who have children in kindergarten and prekindergarten are urged to read the material found here.

 The highlights in bold is my doing.


KindergartenUnit2TeacherGuideTN Foundational Skills Curriculum Supplement

Many readers of any age will not reach word reading proficiency without systematic phonics, reading connected text, and basic and advanced phonemic awareness.

While you should have fun with your students when going through this program, there is one thing that is high-stakes. You must master accurate and crisp phoneme pronunciation yourself and insist on it from your students. This skill is equally important in phonics as in phonemic awareness. Letter sounds and all phonemes need to be crisply and accurately enunciated so children can hear them inside words and get an accurate audio of the words those phonemes make when smoothly blended together. There are two short video resources in the first Appendix (“What You Can Do to Prepare: To Learn More and Get Ready to Teach This Program with Your Students”). They are both in the first section: “If You Can Only Do One Thing and Have NO TIME (less than 15 minutes).” There is no overstating of how vital this is.


What You Can Do to Prepare: To Learn More and Get Ready to Teach This Program With Your Students: If You Can Only Do One Thing and Have NO TIME (less than 15 minutes):It is most important that you have crisp pronunciation of phonemes yourself so your students will hear the separate sounds when you model for them and play all the word games that make up this program.  This video, graciously developed by Rollins Center for Language and Literacy, is an excellent guide to pronouncing the 44 phonemes of the English language. The presenter is easy to learn from and demonstrates clearly how to make each sound.

This blog, by Luqman Michel, a reading tutor in Malaysia, is almost exclusively focused on the vital importance of correct pronunciation of phonemes. Here is a short video of a child from Lagos, Nigeria from Luqman’s Dyslexia Blog, displaying the joys of active learning of letter sounds. His articulations are nearly perfect, and the joy in this video is worth a million words on the importance of modeling precise pronunciation.

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