Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Letter sounds by a kid from Lagos

 The above video is of a kid who is in preschool sounding out the sounds represented by letters. I have a few more such videos. 

If children in Lagos are taught this way soon you will find the name of Nigeria on a better spot on the PISA test than that of the UK, US and OZ.

 A number of educators including John Bald @JohnBaldLangLit Independent educational consultant from the UK who had said on Twitter that consonants cannot be pronounced without an extraneous sound.

The kid in the video above as well as the African American lady in the video I have posted here are proof that consonants can be taught without extraneous sounds.

If kids are taught this way there is no chance of kids shutting down from learning to read.

He was taught by my Face Book friend, Mr. Elisha Uroh from Lagos. He is working with a volunteer group teaching kids to learn to read.


Meredith Liben said...

I just found your blog from tracking a comment you left on someone else's blog. Your video of the pre-school boy from Lagos playfully pronouncing his letter sounds with precision and fun motions is priceless! It completely brightened my day. I too recommend the 44 phonemes video of the African American lady from the Rollins Center frequently. Thank you so much for your persistence and your work! I am now a follower :) Be well. Meredith Liben

Luqman Michel said...

Thank you for your comment Meredith Liben.It is comments such as yours that make it worthwhile to continue my quest.
I wish you well.