Monday, June 15, 2020



The following are emails between Amplify and me which are self-explanatory.

Here is an email from Amplify on 28.2.2020.

I believe Amplify is the marketing arm of Science of Reading

Hi luqman,

There's an exciting opportunity to enroll in a research study that is currently underway!

Participating schools will receive a free pilot of Amplify Reading K-5, a digital supplemental literacy program set in an engaging story world, through the rest of the school year.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate alternate forms of a reading comprehension assessment to ensure that this measure is appropriate for its intended use. Please see the attached flyer here for more details.

Reach out today to hear more about this fantastic incentive offered for participation!

To reserve your spot, please email Jennifer Zoski at within one week if you are interested in discussing the study further.

On the same day I responded as follows:
luqman michel
Fri, 28 Feb at 05:23

Hello Sirs,
I am currently gathering material to support my findings that many smart
kids are unable to read in English due to confusion as a result of teachers
teaching the pronunciation of phonemes of letters wrongly.

I have written about this extensively since 2010.
Is there anyone here interested in discussing my findings?

A few questions that may help in this matter are:

1. Why are many smart kids able to read in Malay and many other languages
using the same letters as English but unable to read in English?
2. How do many kids, who are unable to read, able to read at grade level and
stay-at-grade level after a short period of intervention?
3. Why is it that the percentage of kids who could not read at grade level more
or less the same both during the whole word period and during the phonics period?
4. How is it that a majority of kids were able to read both during the whole word and
during the phonics period?

Please respond as I would like to bring an end to the reading wars.

Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel

Amplify responded as follows:


Earlier today you received an email from Amplify regarding a research project with Amplify Reading. We ask that you please disregard this email as it went out in error.


I have tweeted and asked if Amplify is doing the marketing for Science of Reading entity.
There has been no response from any of the SoR advocates.


David Zyngier said...

Very spurious.Deserves some investigating

Luqman Michel said...

Dr. David Zyngier,
I am not sure which you refer to as spurious.

I will not post anything with the names of entities without being sure.

Here is part of an email I received from Amplify last month:

"Reviewing curriculum and assessment for next year?
Sample our programs based on the science of reading—request a sample now!"