Saturday, June 27, 2020

Seeds have begun to germinate

One of the good things brought about by Covid19 is the fact that many educators have had the time to read tweets and the links attached.

I have been writing articles on a daily basis on my blog which is read by educators from around the world.

I believe that what I have been promoting has been accepted by many of the educators as I see many recent tweets on phonemes.

As such commencing July 2020, I will be less active on Twitter and other social media.

The following are a few of the tweets I read on 22.6.2020 on phonemes.
There were many more similar tweets subsequent to 22nd June.

Dr Lorraine Hammond AM @DrLSHammond

Guess who's our next WWW speaker for @LD_Australia?
Here's the session title: "Beyond the Phonics Fights: An American Reporter’s Story"
Registrations for this free webinar on July 15 open soon!

Kathryn Garforth, Ph. D.@GarforthEduc

Did you know that there are still teacher education programs who do not teach their pre-service teachers about phonemic awareness? We need to make sure all teachers know the 44 phonemes in the English language and how to teach children about phonemes.

Ainsley C-B @AinsRae

Focus on making the connection between the letter shape/name and the sound that it makes. Phonemic awareness is huge and a building block to strong literacy skills.

The Reading Wars will end when phonemes are taught correctly. Students requiring intervention will, therefore, reduce dramatically.

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