Thursday, June 11, 2020

Twitter discussion on 2018 PISA test

Here is a question I tweeted someone and was questioned by another, a teacher from the UK, followed by my responses.

Luqman Michel Jun 7

Do you really need research reports to tell you that consonants should not be taught with extraneous sounds?
I have given you what I have learned directly from my students.
If the Anglo world does not understand should they not do research?

Monique @GovTutor Jun 7 Replying to @luqmanmichel

No we don't. We are all experienced, well-informed reading teachers. Sound clarity is so basic that you telling us it's important is like telling athletics coaches it's important to teach their runners to put one foot in front of the other.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Jun 7 Replying to  @GovTutor @LSthirdact and 4 others

Why are teachers teaching dyslexic students in Australia, teaching Cuh - oh - tuh for coat?

Monique @GovTutor Jun 7

Because they're not trained well enough. Although the video you point to isn't a teaching/training video, it is a marketing tool for Liz Dunoon in which she seems to forgo good teaching for ease of communication to uninformed parents.

Luqman Michel Jun 7 Replying to @GovTutor @LSthirdact and 4 others

Talk to a kid where ever in the world who cannot read and ask him to give you the pronunciation of consonants and I will bet it will be pronounced with extraneous sounds.
Perhaps you are well trained. But if the others are then why is Australia in the 17th position in the last PISA test in reading in English. AND China no 1? This was not a test in Mandarin.

Monique @GovTutor Jun 8

All children are tested in their own national language. Why on earth would they all be tested in English?
Other languages - PISA

Note: She attached the above website to support her statement.

Luqman Michel  Jun 8 Replying to @GovTutor @LSthirdact and 4 others

Thank you @GovTutor
We are all learning and we can learn only if we respond to questions. For info. most Singaporeans speak 3  languages - English, Malay and their mother tongue which is Mandarin for Chinese and Tamil for Indians.

However, Macau and Singapore did it in English just like the Anglo countries.
There is no Singapore language. Official language is Malay and main language is English.
The point is the Anglo countries should do better as English is their mother tongue.

Monique @GovTutor Jun 8

It looks like some Macau schools did Chinese and some English (at least Pisa provided both languages for Macau. The schools that chose English will have been English medium schools

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel Jun 8

This is the kind of discussion that helps us to grow. We learn until we die. Even in English medium schools they will have to learn Chinese. Singapore will all be in English and S'pore was no 2. So, Monique, I am sharing what I have learned.

Note: There is a Tamil saying: Even after falling flat on the ground there will be people who will say their moustache did not touch the ground.

Monique and a few of her friends don’t understand why kids shut down from learning to read and yet will argue till the cows come home. 

I asked her if she has any other questions and there has been silence.

Monique’s profile states the following:
Parent, school governor, reading and maths tutor, EAL teacher. Terrible addiction to education resources. Phonics, Reading, SEND, Maths, Direct Instruction July 2012

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