Friday, April 1, 2022

The failure to meaningfully address illiteracy feels intentional. (Part 2)


i.                     There were several emails to and from Dr.David Boulton. After the initial few emails he stopped responding to my questions. I commented on Dr. David Boulton’s LinkedIn post. He unfriended me on LinkedIn but immediately deleted the videos that were detrimental to kid that I had complained about. You may read my comments and his response at


If he disagreed with me and blocked me why would he delete the 2 videos I had complained about? The 2 videos deleted were videos teaching consonants with extraneous sounds.


Please read the comments from my readers on the post above.


ii.                   I made a comment on Dr. Timothy Shanahan’s post and received a response that appears evasive at best. Read more at


iii.                 Dr. Timothy Shanahan said there is no evidence to support my claim that consonants should not be taught with extraneous sounds. Please listen to the video attached in my post at


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in 1998 wrote the following:


Visual processes initiate word identification and immediately trigger other processes that complete it, including, most importantly, phonological decoding processes, which concern the correspondences between printed letters and the sounds of the language, especially phonemes, the small sound units within spoken and heard words. The research on reading in alphabetic writing systems has developed an important consensus that phonological decoding is a routine part of skilled word identification. How the phonological and visual-orthographic information gets combined for the identification of individual words has been the focus of much research, fueled in recent years by theoretical debates about how to conceptualize the cognitive mechanisms of word identification.

AND our education guru, Timothy Shanahan insists that consonants may be taught with extraneous sounds as there are no research reports stating that teaching consonant with extraneous sounds is detrimental to kids.

Is he that naïve or is it intentional?

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