Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Code Read Network- Dyslexia Advocates


I have written several posts on the Dyslexia Association. In 2010/2011 I wrote to more than 30 Dyslexia Associations around the world and they did not respond. The answer is simple, they are into making money and nothing more.

Recently I Tweeted in reply to @CodeReadNetwork - A National Dyslexia Network for adults and children.

Its Twitter profile says: Visit our website for dyslexia info and resources and to find out how you can get involved.

Similar to all other Dyslexia sites I have commented on, I was immediately blocked.

As I have said for more than a decade, dyslexia is big business. 

On 19.9.2023, I replied to tweets by Kathryn Olsen (Alphability) @Alphabilityko

She appears to be an intelligent young lady who I believe is genuinely interested in helping kids unable to read. Let us see if she will discuss this openly.      

On Sep 11 she Tweeted:

Proud to be the 59th member of @CodeReadNetwork and to be part of the amazing work they do for our children and adults with Specific Learning Disorders, such as Dyslexia.

Here are a few of her encouraging Tweets

Sep 15

Look out for red buildings in Canberra during October! Remember they are highlighting the need for ALL Australian children to learn to read with evidence-based instruction. If we finally get this right, then we will catch the 3-5% with Dyslexia early enough to intervene effectively.

You’re unable to view this Post because this account owner limits who can view their Posts.

(The link above is by CodeReadNetwork and I am unable to view it because I am blocked.)

Sep 17

Student learning needs and wellbeing at the centre of decision making.

Sep 19

Let's go, ACT Public School leaders! We can do this and make a difference to so many students in our care.

Thank you @LD_Australia for putting effective, evidence based practice on the map for our children with Learning Difficulties. Statistically, 20-25% of kids, but in some of my Primary classes in rural areas or balanced literacy schools, I've seen the need as high as 35-40%.

Note: On 15.9.2023 (see above) she said, ‘If we finally get this right, then we will catch the 3-5% with Dyslexia early enough to intervene effectively.’

The 3-5% is what David Boulton and Andrew Johnson had estimated to be. LINK

On 19.9.2023 her figure has changed to 20-25% and could be as high as 35-40%. Has she already been influenced by CodeReadNetwork?

Anyway, I Tweeted as below and let us see how she will respond. Will she too block me? 


Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

Are you interested in reducing illiteracy or just interested in making money from distraught parents? For your info. From 2010 I wrote > 100 articles disagreeing with the theory that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of dyslexia. That theory was debunked in 2017.

Read a few articles from 2010 by Googling. LINK

The first item has my name in 3 research reports.

If phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of dyslexia, then what is? I researched this and wrote a book detailing the causes. Read my book. LINK


Many would rather ignore or avoid the real truth & continue believing their "truth". People who are afraid of or in denial of the truth, seem to prefer believing lies & misleading information because they don't want to be proven wrong & accept that their knowledge is inaccurate Author Stuart Miller (Indie)

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