Friday, September 29, 2023

Nonsense perpetrated by Head nerd of a community of education Nerd - Holly Kerby


Holly Korbey @HKorbey

Journalist and author of BUILDING BETTER CITIZENS. Head nerd at The Bell Ringer, a community of edu-nerds!

On 28.9.2023 she posted the article below and then tweeted the following.

‘…the majority (80%) struggle due to a problem with phonemic awareness.’

Two Thirds of American Kids Can’t Read Fluently

Phonics may be a popular way to teach reading, but it fails too many children.

The article was written by Marion Blank, a psychologist known for her work on language, both spoken and written. 


Biennial testing through NAEP consistently shows that two thirds of U.S. children are unable to read with proficiency. An astounding 40 percent are essentially non readers. Most are taught through phonics—a system of instruction based on sounding out letters that is mandated in at least 32 states and the District of Columbia.

The teaching of reading has largely been framed as a battle between phonics and whole language. In contrast to the dissected units taught in phonics, whole language presents children with complete books. Its premise is that learning to read, like learning to speak, comes naturally via exposure to good material. In the battle between these two systems, phonics has triumphed.

First, in the initial instruction, months are spent teaching children how to decode a minute set of simple, three-letter words like man, cat and bus that can be sounded out.

I replied as below:

'but the majority (80%) struggle due to a problem with phonemic awareness.'

You teach them wrongly and when they cannot blend you say they have a problem with phonemic awareness. @HKorbey @jillbarshay


Read my post at: and then ask me Qs.

How can Holly Korbey who calls herself the Head nerd of a community of education Nerd spread such disinformation and then not respond to replies?

For over 35 years they duped the world into believing that kids who could not read had a phonological awareness deficit. Since that theory has been debunked they have turned to phonemic awareness.  

Holly Kerby and  Jill Barshay, who writes about education research and data for @hechingerreport should read the causes of why kids disengage/shut down from learning to read by getting a copy of my book, Shut Down Kids and retract the disinformation they spread. 


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