Saturday, September 23, 2023

Knowledge vs Wisdom


I have listened to both David Boulton and Andrew Johnson several times and must say that both of them are a wealth of knowledge but both of them are like the human egg in that they are not receptive to things that are contrary to what they have learned. 

It was David who blocked me on LinkedIn in 2015 when I told him that his two recommended videos would cause kids to disengage from learning to read. LINK.

Andrew Johnson cut me off stating I don’t have the credentials to discuss with him. He asked me for research reports to support my findings that phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of dyslexia. He continually asked me for evidence.

Here is Andrew Johnson's cocked-up view on phonics. LINK

Here are further excerpts from the discussion between David and Andrew and my comments. LINK


David and Andrew:

The prerequisite to reading is letter names and after that, everything has to be adoptive and adaptive.  To have knowledge of Learners and learning how humans learn you'll have to have pedagogical knowledge which is general teaching strategies.

This is what David and Andrew refuse to consider. I have taught enough dyslexic kids on a one-on-one basis to know that the main reason they are unable to read is due to the confusion created by teachers teaching them sounds represented by letters with extraneous sounds. It cannot be that David does not understand this as he took down the two videos I complained about in 2015. Here is a video I published on the importance of teaching letters without extraneous sounds. LINK

Expert teachers -  well I'd much rather have them learning on the job than being a robot of what they've been taught. No, I want both, I want somebody who's well versed in the field that they're going to be interacting with the children with and that that's in the background not the foreground that's informing how they're learning to adapt that to the students and I don't know if they're following that robotically then they should be replaced and I don't think anyone wants a robot except maybe the science of reading people. We want teachers with background knowledge to apply what's in front of them. Nobody wants a robot absolutely not but you have to have a teacher toolbox full of research-based strategies that's the best way to teach reading.

I understand from many Tweets that teachers have to strictly follow the curriculum set by the education department and any teacher who deviates will be expelled. Apparently many have been expelled.

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