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England’s special educational needs crisis ‘out of control’


The following are Tweets by Simon Knight @SimonKnight100 on 3.9.23 and my replies. His Twitter profile says he is currently preoccupied with Special School Headship and all things SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities).

His Tweet was linked to an article titled:

England’s special educational needs crisis ‘out of control’ amid record complaints. LINK

Here are extracts from the article above:

Analysis shows that number of cases upheld has soared by 60%, with some children left without a school placement for over a year.

“The resulting accountability vacuum is causing serious injustice for disabled children and young people and their families.

“Every child deserves to have access to education that enables them to enjoy their childhood, achieve good outcomes, and be well prepared for adulthood and employment – and we want to address the issues that can prevent that from happening.”


I thought I might be able to assist and tweeted in reply as follows:

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

It is your teaching that causes kids to be unable to read and then you call them kids with special educational needs.

Get 5 copies of my book

and teach 5 kids who have no acuity problems and then let us discuss this.


We are restricted in the number of characters on Twitter which can lead to misunderstanding. When I said ‘it is your teaching’ I meant the teaching of most teachers. I believe if teachers teach correctly there will not be so many kids requiring special education. I figured this would be a solution to the problem mentioned in the article above. If Simon and I can work on this together then together we may be able to reduce illiteracy.

Simon responded as follows:

Interesting marketing technique. Insult someone you have never met, in the hope they will buy your book about teaching children you haven’t met.

I understand his retort. But, if I were him I would have asked for an explanation. Simon is unaware that I have taught many kids whom I have never met or spoken to.

Then someone called Jules tweeted the following:

Jules @missyjules1974

I had this recently with a school improvement consultant who basically said kids don’t have dyslexia they just haven’t been taught to read properly oh and “come on my training course”.

This too, I can understand. On the other hand, why don’t they connect the dots between what the consultant in England and I said? I have written to the UK Government since 2010. They have made up their mind that kids who are unable to read are ‘Dyslexic’. They probably have not read what was said by Nancy Hennessy who was the president of IDA from 2003 to 2005. She said:

 “……even if we settle on a middle number, let us say 10%; that still leaves a lot of children who are not dyslexic, whose brains are not wired any different way, who have reading difficulty.

We are not supporting the learning of our teachers in order for them to do what we are talking about

We still don’t have the capacity nor the will to change what it is that we are doing with reading early on and so consequently unless we make those significant changes we are not only going to lose the dyslexics but I am also concerned about these other children; these other struggling readers.”

I hope against hope that Simon will get a few copies of my book and teach the students with ‘special educational needs’. He has been informed that I taught many parents and kids for free and hope he will understand that my motive is not to make a profit from the sale of my books. It is the lowest price that the publishers will allow. The book for the UK market is printed in England.

The book can be used by any child as it has a QR Code that can be scanned. This will enable a child to listen to the lessons while following the written words in the book.

The lessons are also available free of charge on my blog.

I gave Simon, Cindy’s testimonial. LINK

And the discussion between Alanna and me. LINK

I decided to write this blog for Simon and his followers to better understand my tweets.

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