Thursday, September 14, 2023

Tweets to Dana Goldstein and New York Times


Here is a tweet on 11.9.2023 from me to the following:

You may want to get a copy of my book which will definitely help kids with reading problems. LINK
Dr. Jennifer Hawkins noticed my Tweet and tweeted the following:

English is a rich confusing language-I recommend this book-it takes a mixed method practical approach to teaching English reading. Dolch system based, it combines the phonic & whole word methods to develop & establish 'reading for meaning' & inspire further effort

For those from India and Malaysia you can order your book from here. LINK.  
Previously I had sent Tweets to Dana Goldstein and New York Times but have never received a reply. Your guess as to why they do not respond is as good as mine. LINK
Neither Dana Goldstein nor New York Times will ever answer direct questions. Refer to a Tweet by Jerusha in 2022 below.
 Jerusha Beckerman @ruebeckerman Mar 9 Replying to @DanaGoldstein

Can you explain where we get the idea that schools these days are NOT teaching phonics? At least in the metro area (speaking as a teacher educator who visits students in a wide range of public & charter schools), my experience is that schools are teaching phonics & phonemic awareness ad nauseum. They’ve all been using Fundations and the like for years. I don’t understand the “science of reading” claim that no one is listening to them. It’s closer to the opposite!

Do Dana and NYT disagree with me? Are they interested in reducing illiteracy? 





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