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The human mind is like the human egg.


Let us begin with a tweet directed to Dr. Sam Bommarito and his reply.

To my following tweet on 14.8.23:

I wrote emails to both of them (David Boulton and Andrew Johnson) in 2015. Both refused to accept what I discovered and wanted research reports to support what I discovered. Dr. Sam, do we need research reports for everything? Can't we think logically anymore?


Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7 responded as follows:

In the world of research, there is the issue of replication. You have to be able to replicate results for them to be significant, replication requires formal studies.  One of the key issues here is. If you use your methods on other children and from other places will they still progress? So the answer is if you want other people from other places to consider your (approach) yes you do have to do research.

Let us read my reply to Dr. Sam’s tweet above later. Let us consider the following:

i.                    I taught more than 80 kids, most of whom were certified dyslexics, on a one -on-one basis from 2004 to 2019. You may read a few of the testimonials from parents of my students.



ii.                  For about 2 years, in 2010/2011 many parents successfully used the lessons on my blog to teach their kids to read. The lessons disappeared from my blog because the service provider suddenly stopped providing the services without warning.


iii.               In 2019, I printed 100 copies of my book – Teach Your Child to Read- and distributed them to parents and teachers who attended my talk.

I dispatched a few copies of my book to a teacher in Australia. She photocopied my book and got a few teachers to teach dyslexics as well as other kids to learn to read. The youngest of such kids is a Tamil-Speaking 4 ½ year old kid. Please read my post on my 2019 Australian project.



iv.                    On 5.7.2020, a mother from Kenya wrote the following on Facebook Kenya:

Dear Luqman, I have been following your blogs and you seem to understand these children and able to help them. I have a 11-year-old who is showing the signs of shut down in her writing. I would appreciate if you can help through Zoom. Kind Regards.


Read more on my blogs at  LINK

and LINK

v.                I posted the book online. It was used by several parents and one of them is Alanna Maurin a teacher from Australia. Here is the discussion I had with Alanna and how she successfully used my book to teach her son. LINK


vi.             A grandma who had seen my post on a dyslexia group contacted me in May 2023. She asked for a hard copy as her grandchildren found it difficult to follow my lessons on the computer. This was the reason I decided to publish my book so that other parents may also be able to use my book to teach their kids. LINK

I did research about why kids were unable to read by teaching kids on a one-on-one basis. I discovered the reasons and wrote a book – Shut Down Kids - detailing why kids disengage from learning to read.

I collected evidence from some of the top educators/ researchers/ paediatricians around the world and corroborated the evidence with what I had discovered.

Yet, Dr. Sam wants me to conduct further research.

How do we expect this reading war to end when ‘educators/researchers’ refuse to accept what has been discovered and successfully used by parents and teachers around the world?

Now, here is my reply to Dr. Sam on 14.8.23.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel


Dr. Sam, you were in the Twitter discussion in December 2020 when Alanna Maurin asked why her son despite one year of specialised systematic synthetic phonics taught by a tuition center in Australia was unable to read. None of you offered any advice. I volunteered to teach her.

After 2 lessons from my blog, she Tweeted that her son was then eager to learn to read. She asked why and all you did was to tell her that she found a teacher who knew how to teach him. You refuse to see when you look and refuse to listen when you hear.


Dec 26, 2020, 6:14 AM Alanna Maurin:

After just two lessons he is now asking me to help him read words from packages, from his games and he now sounds t p b l f d correctly every time.

He's attending to print and reading words that he hasn't mastered the code of yet.

This is a child who for a year has been switched off to reading and struggled to decode and blend simple cvc words and was distressed by his inability to retain 'tricky' words out of context.

The question that Dr. Sam and other educators should ask is why was Alanna's son suddenly interested in learning to read. He complained of stomachache when it was time to go to school. Why did the stomach aches disappear?

The following was Dr. Sam’s response:


Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7 @AlannaMaurin

What works with one child doesn't always work with another. Glad you found something that is working for your student. Here is a blog in which I try to make it clear one size doesn't fit all.


I have taught many such parents and Dr. Sam knows it too but he wants to go about his ‘one size does not fit all’ meme.


The human mind is like the human egg. When one sperm gets into an ovum a membrane is formed around the ovum so that no other sperm can get in. 

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