Friday, October 12, 2018

Dyslexia vs Shut Down Kids (Part 3)

“Although many dyslexics learn to read accurately they may continue to read slowly and not automatically.”

My comment: Again only 2 of my more than 60 students so far read slowly and not automatically. These two students are the ones I taught this year. They were siblings where one is in primary 3 and the other is in primary 5.

Both of them could not spell a single Dolch word when they came to me on 20.6.2018 on the recommendation of a Rotary member in Kota Kinabalu.

From students who could not read at all they were able to read well by their 27th lesson on 27.9.2018. They had 2 lessons per week.

I would have preferred for them to study another 20 lessons to be much better readers but their mother was elated that they could read and furthermore she had been offered a job in a home school. She sat with me during the last two lessons where I showed her some of the ways I taught her two children. She has undertaken to teach her two children and I believe she will be able to do that as the two children are now aware of the correct sounds of alphabets and are no more shut down kids.

The brother in primary five has to catch up with a lot of reading on the other subjects as he would be quite behind in others subjects as a result of not being able to read.

These two children are reading slowly and not automatically as they had been used to guessing for a much longer period than children who come to me when they are in primary one or two. This is a habit that is not easy to get rid of.

Do my students above fall under the category of dyslexic or shut down kids?

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