Friday, October 26, 2018

Emails to Astro’s CEO - Henry Tan

These are my emails to the CEO of Astro, Mr.Henry Tan and to his PA Ms. Nora Yahya. 

My first email was sent to the CEO on the 8.10.2018 after several attempts to the staff of Astro since 13.9.2018.

Dear   Mr. Henry Tan,
This is my third email to you.

It is imperative that Astro discontinues airing the said BabyTV episode – Charlie and the Alphabets- which will create havoc with Malaysian baby viewers to say the least.

May I suggest that you get the opinions of our local experts in teaching children how to read in the English language?  Do ask any expert who disagrees with me to debate me on this matter.
Any delay will cause untold damage to Malaysian children, babies and all. 

I may be stating the obvious, but I’ll state it all the same.  Though babies are similar to computers in many ways, there is one aspect in which they differ. You can always reprogramme a computer when the input is wrong, but not with babies or kids predisposed to shutting down.  When babies predisposed to shutting down learn wrongly in the first instance, relearning is a formidable task.

I urge you to tell the producers of BabyTV what exactly is wrong with their baby programme that teaches phonemes – sounds of the alphabet.  This matter is of the utmost importance.

 In medicine, there’s a ‘First Do No Harm Rule’. If you can’t make someone better, at least don’t make them worse. Read my post below and be informed.

The same rule should apply to education.
Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel

The following are my earlier emails to the CEO of Astro.
Luqman Michel
8 Oct at 17:48
Dear Mr.Tan,
Here are emails I had sent to your Astro officers and I am disappointed with their "We have escalated the matter to the relevant department".

This morning I wrote again and telephoned Astro.
Following my complaint, I received an email asking me for what the matter is about.

Instead of wasting time I am writing to you directly and hope to get a response within one week.

For every student, I successfully teach your programme would probably be making a few hundred students shut down.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.
Thank you and kind regards,
Luqman Michel

Luqman Michel
8 Oct at 18:06
Hello Puan Nora,
Here is an email I sent to Mr.Tan.
Kindly acknowledge receipt.
Luqman Michel

Luqman Michel,
8 Oct at 18:17
Dear Mr.Tan,
The programme I had complained about is the following programme.

It was aired under Astro channel 618 and under 968 in Unifi

Phonemes of alphabets are taught wrongly and this will definitely cause kids to shut down.

Your programme will be one of the reasons for illiteracy among kids who are predisposed to shutting down.

I hope you will take that programme off from the air and ask viewers to delete the show if they have recorded it.

Wish you well,
Luqman Michel


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