Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Main cause of teacher stress and how to avoid it

Yesterday, I read a post by Dr Mary Bousted @MaryBoustedNEU which prompted me to write this post.

Dr Mary Bousted is joint general secretary, with Kevin Courtney, of the National Education Union @NEUnion.

This was her tweet:

The govt. is, apparently, going to focus on getting ‘better’ teachers. Here’s the thing - they have the best teachers ever at the moment. The problem is that far too many leave because the same govt. has made teaching an almost impossible job.


I have seen many articles on teachers leaving their jobs.


There are many potential causes of teacher stress.


Teachers from many countries have reported high levels of stress for decades. They deal with a wide variety of stress caused on a daily basis.


The one cause of teacher stress that surpasses them all is pupil misbehavior.


In addition to kids misbehaving, there are those who do not pay attention or don’t do their homework or classwork.


Bad behavior always impacts more than the students involved. When a child misbehaves or makes the atmosphere not conducive to study, it disrupts the entire class.




Most children misbehave due to shame avoidance. Listen to what kids themselves have said about why they misbehave in my post on shame avoidance.


They do not pay attention or don’t do their homework mainly because they don’t know how.


Let us avoid this by teaching them the correct pronunciation of sounds represented by letters and they will be able to read. Once they are able to read their self-esteem will rise and they will stop misbehaving. They will want to please the teacher and do their homework. Read my post on self-esteem and its importance here.


It is a chain reaction. Teach kids the correct pronunciation of consonants so that they are not confused and disengage from learning to read. They will read well and won’t disrupt the class with misbehavior. Teachers will not be stressed and would enjoy teaching.


There will be no kids in grades 2 and higher who are unable to read.


Note: Any parent who cannot afford tuition is welcome to contact me via my email address at and together we will get your kid to read in no time.



Dana Cole said...

That's interesting, because it doesn't match up with my experience, or what I'm seeing on my social media feed. What sources do you have for the claim that student misbehavior is the greatest source of teacher stress?

Luqman Michel said...

Hello Unknown, In the future give me a pseudonym so I can address you.
There are thousands of articles you can refer to including the following scholarly articles

What are you seeing on your Social Media feed?

If you are a teacher you should be interested in finding out why children misbehave and how to reduce school to prison pipeline.