Friday, May 20, 2022

My 7th day with Jack and an explanation of my lesson plan.


18.5.2022 was my 7th day with Jack.

We covered word family ‘ot’ and ‘oo’.

I explained that this was the short ‘oo’ as in book, look, cook.


The Dolch Words I taught him are:

come, down, as, far, was, go, help, said

Since he is familiar with many Dolch words I started him with Key Words – book 2b. He could read them reasonably well but slowly. He still guessed words as this habit has yet to be broken.

He guessed the word ‘tank’ for ‘water’. I asked him to look at the word instead of the fish tank on the page and he got it right.

As you can see, I am using my book to teach him phonics and Dolch words and have started him with Key Words – Peter and Jane.

I am doing two chapters from my book but giving him only 8 Dolch words to memorise. As the chapters are very short I have started him on Key Words.

For an explanation of my lessons please read my post here.

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