Thursday, May 5, 2022

My third lesson with Jack and a comparison with my previous students


Yesterday, 4.5.2022 was my 3rd lesson with Jack.

There are many traits of Jack that are similar to that of Emmanual whom I taught in 2019 and my first student, Ian Ho, whom I started teaching in 2004.

Jack, keeps guessing words instead of reading what is in front of him. As mentioned, this will take at least a month to unlearn but unlearn it he will.

He still pronounces the sounds represented by letters wrongly and that too will take a while to unlearn.

I gave the following lists of words for him to memorise.

have, when, it, saw, go, want, into, that, sit, but, hot, she, from

Jack has now learnt the family words at, an, ap, og


I telephoned my former student's, Emmanuel’s, father yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.

Emmanuel had passed his primary 6 exams last year and has been transferred to a normal secondary school. He is one of 4 to be transferred from a school catering to dyslexics.

Here is a letter from Emmanuel’s father that confirms that Emmanuel was unable to read when he was sent to me.

In the event my current student Jack had gone for a diagnosis, I believe he would have gotten a similar assessment as the Psychological Assessment received by Emmanuel. LINK.

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