Monday, August 7, 2023

A 7 year old in Perth, in 2019, who was unable to read.


In 2019, I dispatched a few books to a teacher in Perth. She and a few teacher's helpers decided to teach using my books to see its effectiveness in teaching kids to read. Here is the video of one of her helpers who taught a 7 year old dyslexic child to read.

Unfortunately we were unable to continue due to Covid 19. My planned trip to Perth in early 2020 was cancelled.

The first video is of the kid learning to read with pictures to help him to read.




The following video is of the kid reading the same passage as above without pictures. Each one of the lessons have a few sentences to be read with pictures as a guide and a page with the same sentences without pictures.


Here is a video of the kid reading the Dolch words. This is his 6th lessons and by now he has already memorised 33 Dolch words. 

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