Saturday, August 26, 2023

Should the parents of dyslexic learners worry about teacher shortage


Yesterday, I read a post at LINK titled:

‘Should the parents of dyslexic learners worry about teacher shortages in California?’

The website says: Unlocking learning challenges in California. Dive into the debate around teacher shortages and their impact on students, especially those with dyslexia.

Here are a few extracts from the article which made me comment. As usual, my comment was removed. I do not know why comments that may be helpful are removed but this has occurred ever since 2010 when I started blogging. 


How do we ensure that learners are receiving the help and support that they need to garner vital early skills like reading— and what happens when some of those learners need extra support, like those with dyslexia or English Language Learners (ELLs)?

All of this, however, might mean that those learners with dyslexia who require extra help to read might find barriers to accessing the necessary support. 

An issue may also occur when inexperienced educators find themselves faced with a large number of students who need reading support. Many new educators every fall enter classrooms without having studied neurodiversity in-depth, and they may find that their bandwidth isn’t yet able to accommodate the degree of reading support that they need to provide. 

I thought I might help with some of the problems mentioned above and commented as below:

I have the perfect solution to your problem. Would you like to discuss this?

What I say may sound exaggerated.

Back in 2010 to 2015, I wrote extensively on social media that I disagreed with the theory that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of dyslexia. In 2010, that theory had existed for more than 35 years.

No one agreed with me until 2017 when that theory was debunked. Please Google 

Phonological awareness deficit Luqman Michel

to read my articles/comments from 2010 onward.

If phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of dyslexia then what is?

I did research on this by teaching more than 80 dyslexic students from 2004 to 2019.

Shall we discuss how to solve the problem at hand, please?

Why would anyone who honestly wants to help dyslexic kids delete my comment above?

I posted my lessons free of charge on my blog since 2010. Many parents around the world have benefitted from it. 

I have many testimonials from parents who have used my lessons to teach their dyslexic kids. You may read about one such person in my blog post. LINK

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