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Tim Rasinski - his tweets and my response


Firstly, Tim Rasinski need to learn the art of reading before talking about teaching reading. He has to learn that before replying tweets he must read the tweets he intends to reply. Secondly he needs to listen to what others have to say with an intention to understand what others, who may know the science of decoding, have to say.

Here are tweets between Tim and me on 11.8.2023.

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel


Children whether taught phonics or not will be able to read nonsense words. The brain has an innate ability to read.


Tim Rasinski then tweeted something from the Children of the Code. LINK

Luqman Michel

I read that several times over the years. Stop cherry-picking Tim. You have a fixed mindset and don't listen too well. Read my post on this. LINK including the links. Then comment on my blog and I will respond. Comments will appear as it is not moderated.

(Note: My blog is not moderated, any and all comments will appear and I will respond. Many blog are moderated and comments that are not in line with the blog owner will be deleted.)  

Tim Rasinski @TimRasinski1


Not cherry-picking Michel (you are the one who says we should be respectful and not accusatory) -   It is well accepted science that learning to read is not a natural act. Check out the scholars who have written on this at the link I posted.


Note: I not only checked out COTC several times since 2015 but had several email exchanges with the main character - the interviewer - David Boulton and many of the interviewees. 

Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel


Tim, don't just accept whatever is 'researched'. You should be able to think. In 2010 I realised that the theory that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of kids being unable to read had existed for > 35 years. I wrote more than 100 articles and comments in blogs disagreeing with that theory. I commented with reasons why I disagreed. No one agreed until 2017 when that theory was debunked. Science is alive Tim and not stagnant. Read what Timothy said in 2015 and then in 2017. LINK and then let us continue.

I told David Boulton that his recommended videos teach sounds represented by letters with extraneous sounds which is the main cause of kids disengaging from learning to read. He blocked me but took down the videos. Why? Read my post here.

Here is my post on the 2 videos David Boulton deleted after blocking me. Please comment. LINK

Why can't you accept the fact that the main reason why kids disengage from learning to read is the teaching of sounds represented by letters with extraneous sounds? Read my post LINK and then let us continue.


Tim Rasinski @TimRasinski1


You’re free to disagree Michel.


Luqman Michel @luqmanmichel

Are you saying that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of kids being unable to read?

I am disgusted that you can say such a thing after reading my blog post.

Tim, stop acting like a kid.

I am disgusted that you can say that phonological awareness deficit is the cause of kids being unable to read.

Note: Tim is another one of those BL guys who shoots from his hip. Had he read my post and the comments by Timothy Shanahan in 2017 he would not have said ‘You are free to disagree Michel’.

If he had read my post on David Boulton deleting the two videos he had posted, he would have been keen to find out more but his mind is made up proving what Charlie Munger had said about the human mind.


Out of the blues appears a tweet from Evan Robb @ERobbPrincipal


Tim is not a kid and he does not act like one. Please consider your words. This give and take is best when people extend professional curiosity.


When one replies to tweets, without reading the blog posts attached, with words that can mislead others then one is behaving like kids who quarrel saying my father is better than your father without having seen the other kid’s father. 

Professional curiosity? When I am curious, I ask for explanations and not simply say whatever comes to my mind. 




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