Thursday, August 3, 2023

Paradigm Inertia part 3


The interview on Paradigm Inertia was done 11 years ago by David Boulton and Dr. William Glen as part of the Children of the Code project.

The following are excerpts from the Children of the Code videos. You may read more here. 

David Boulton:

But the key in both cases is to find out where they're at foundationally and then give them manageable steps into the confusion that they can work through. When a child’s mind starts to develop an avoidance of confusion then that avoidance can spill out to the confusion that is involved in learning about other things.

David Boulton and all the others involved in the COTC knew about the confusion that caused kids to avoid learning. Yet David Boulton recommended the 2 videos that are the cause of confusion. 

David Boulton:

10 times the number of kids who have innately biologically ordered learning difficulties have learning difficulties that are a consequence of what they learned…

Yes, what are the things they have learned that cause the learning difficulties? Why would he disconnect me from LinkedIn for suggesting what I had learned from my students?

 Dr. David Boulton:

I have been bombarded over the years with people 'certain' that if only their way was adopted (spelling reform to the instructional method) everyone would be great readers. I don't have the time or interest in being the object such people want to stroke themselves with. I am clear and on the record for decades re what is the reason children struggle to read English. If as you say you have been through my work you'd know that. I appreciate that you help people. I don't want to engage further with you. I am not interested in being a platform for self-aggrandizing. I wish you all the best.

Read more on my post here.

I complained to David Boulton that the videos he promoted is one of the causes of kids being unable to read. He said that he does not want to be a platform for self-aggrandizing and yet immediately deleted the 2 videos I complained of. I never did tell him about adopting my way. All I had said was that the videos he recommended caused kids to be confused.

Those videos were of teachers teaching letter sounds with extraneous sounds.

David Boulton was informed by Siegfried Engelmann in an interview that he never allowed letter sounds to be taught with extraneous (added vowel) sounds.

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