Sunday, August 6, 2023

Notes to my book - Teach your child to read - Part 4



In reading instruction, tracking refers to readers watching the words on the page while someone else says them aloud. Tracking assures that the reader sees and hears the words simultaneously.

In this book, tracking starts with sounding out the letters and blending the sounds to form the words used in the lessons. The sounds must be without extraneous sounds and pronounced as in the video links provided.

The key is if a child looks at the words while he hears them, those words will go into his ears and his eyes and get locked together in his brain.

Scan the QR codes provided at the beginning of each lesson and listen to the video while following the words in the lessons.

Then, let your child read the lessons without listening to the video.

Your child will be able to learn to read with the least guidance.

I have seen many articles that say kids are unable to blend letter sounds. All such children will be able to blend letter sounds and become readers because of the way the letters are sounded in the videos accompanying the book.

I have asked several times; how do kids blend cuhahtuh to form cat and duhahguh for dog?

Extraneous sounds explained: This simply means adding vowel sounds to consonants – buh, cuh, duh, fuh, etc. Listen to videos here where the pronunciation of letter sounds is without extraneous sounds and videos with extraneous sounds.

Teach your child to Read will be out on the market by the end of this month. 


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