Monday, August 28, 2023

Are Dr. Sam Bommarito and the other educators that naive? Part 2


If anything is deemed offensive in my post yesterday on Dr.Sam Bommarito, it is intended.

He and many so-called educators have been stating things that are obviously misleading.

Sam mentioned David Boulton in his blog post. I commented on David Boulton’s LinkedIn post back in 2015 and stated that one of the main reasons why kids disengage from learning to read is due to the fact that teachers teach the sounds represented by letters wrongly as in the 2 videos that David recommended for viewing. He disagreed with me and blocked me and yet removed the 2 videos immediately thereafter.

In 2015, Andrew Johnson and I had several email discussions where I told him that phonological awareness deficit is not the cause of kids being unable to read. He asked me for evidence and research reports and cut me off saying that I don’t have the credentials to talk with him on this subject.

This was the same with Timothy Shanahan who ignored my comments in 2015 and made an about-turn in 2017.

I have been blocked by many so-called educators for no reason at all since 2010 when I started being active on social media. 

Dr. Sam Bommarito disagreed that it was the mispronunciation of sounds represented by letters that is the main reason why kids disengage from learning to read. What is his basis for saying this? I learned it from my students – the experts - on this subject and Dr. Sam has the audacity to say that that is not the reason for kids disengaging from learning to read. If that is not the reason then what is?

In 2020, when Alanna Maurin asked the reason why her son was unable to read after a year of systematic synthetic phonics there was no reply from any of the educators on Twitter, including Dr. Sam.

The reply from Dr.Sam on the Tweet by Alanna Maurin on why her son was keen on studying after 2 lessons from my book was answered as follows:


Dr. Sam Bommarito @DoctorSam7 Jan 4, 2021 @AlannaMaurin

What works with one child doesn't always work with another. Glad you found something that is working for your student.


This is the stock answer Dr. Sam and his colleagues have when asked direct questions they cannot answer.

What was it that had not worked for Alanna’s son until I stepped in?

What was it that worked for her son, subsequently?

What did just two of my lessons do that made her son eager to learn?


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