Saturday, August 5, 2023

Notes to my book - Teach your child to read - Part 2



Most schools that teach phonics add extraneous sounds to consonants which leads to a majority of children being confused. Fortunately, most kids somehow figure out how to read and get out of the confusion. However, about 20% of kids who are predisposed to shutting down, disengage from learning to read.

Since the starting point for reading is sound it is extremely important that the sounds represented by letters are taught correctly from the onset.

This book is based on teaching children to read using phonics as well as memorising high-frequency words (sight words). This approach to teaching children to read is not based on educated guesses but on my successful teaching of children on a one-on-one basis over 15 years.

Many children have left school as illiterates during the ‘whole word period’ as well as the ‘phonics period’ because sounds represented by letters have been and are still being taught wrongly in schools throughout the world.

Make sure kids are not exposed to wrong sounds of letters taught on TV such as Baby TV programmes.

Please listen to the video clips here on how to teach and how not to teach sounds represented by letters. LINK.

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