Friday, October 26, 2018

Peace is better than being right - Is it?

This is a warning to all teachers and parents to be wary of letting babies and kids listen to Charlie and the alphabets.

This morning while scrolling messages on LinkedIn I saw the above message.
I have written many posts on my blog as well as on LinkedIn saying that kids disengage from learning to read when they are confused. 

Well, I definitely want peace as I had fought a one and a half year battle with my former Lions club that had misappropriated funds meant for the poor. The club was deregistered on 28.6.2018.

However, I have no choice but to fight this battle with BabyTV who coincidentally  wrote this morning and said that they consider my matter, which I have been writing to them for the past more than one month, as closed.

BabyTV is a television channel for infants, toddlers, and parents, distributed worldwide by Fox Networks Group. Launched in 2003, BabyTV is distributed in over 100 countries, broadcasting in 18 languages. Wikipedia

The programme that is detrimental to children [and will cause kids learning to read in English who are  predisposed to shutting down, to  shut down]  is the following video aired in Malaysia on Astro and Unifi and also around the world in more than 100 countries as advertised on the internet at

It can also be downloaded on to smart phones etc here.

As at 26.10.2018 there are 3,699,390 views on something published as recently as on Jul 28, 2018.

The above are the number of views on the internet which does not include the views on TV channels around the world including Malaysia and downloads on smart phones.

Notice that there are 4200 Thumbs Down as at 26.10.2018. Those thumbs down could be from teachers and parents who know that phonemes should not be taught in that manner.

Kids who are predisposed to shutting down will shut down or disengage from learning to read. Kids shut down when they are confused. They get confused when letter sounds are taught wrongly as done on the video above. Consonants should not carry extraneous sounds. I will write in detail on this at a later date.


Anonymous said...

'Tis better to get it right the first time around especially where kids/babies are concerned in the matter of learning to read - in English specifically.

English is (pardon me) one 'chronic' language. English is indeed a beautiful language- I love it ! But it definitely is 'chronic'.

So let us prevent altogether the pain that infants/children go through when they learn phonemes wrongly the first time around. I need not elaborate the headache and heartache and stress and anxiety both parents and children go through when children are taught the sounds of alphabets wrongly. The said BabyTV programme should be banned from being aired !

Luqman Michel said...

Thank you very much,Marie Bisqute'. I wish more parents/teachers/scientists will come out and say what Marie has said.

Yes, that programme should be banned.
Wish you well, Marie.

Unknown said...

Yes I agree - this program is detrimental for kids, it should be banned.

Luqman Michel said...

Thank you very much for your valued comment Yazmin. Wish you well as usual.

Anonymous said...

Very insightful article. The matter should not be considered closed until remedial actions are taken.

Luqman Michel said...

I agree with you and I will not rest until BabyTv and Astro stop airing this programme.
Wish you well.

Luqman Michel said...

We have another 'God of Education', Dr. Stephen Krashen, who now propagates 'whole language' in a different package.

He has replied my question on whether the programme aired by BabyTv is correct. He says that the sounds on the alphabets on BabyTv are one of the sounds of the alphabets.

AND this guy is a Professor Emeritus at the University of California.

Read more about him in my blog post at