Thursday, March 3, 2022

Students with Reading Difficulties (OHRC)

Recently there has been many tweets on ‘Ontario Human Rights Commission Executive Summary’.

What is new in that summary? NOTHING!

Is there anything in the summary that has not been said before? NOTHING!

The term used by them is ‘Students with reading difficulties’.

Elsewhere they have terms such as:

i.                     At risk children

ii.                   Unskilled readers

iii.                 Child with special education needs

iv.                 Etc.


Dr Marlynne Grant, Registered Educational Psychologist, said:


There are longitudinal studies of 11 years, with about 700 children, which demonstrate that dyslexia does not develop when children begin with a good SSP programme and when children who fall behind are identified early and given extra practice and teaching with SSP in order to keep up. Not a single child in these studies developed severe literacy difficulties. (See Grant, M (2014)

For details read my post here. LINK.

As I have mentioned, since 2010, if teachers teach the correct pronunciation of sounds represented by letters and teach kids at the onset that letters represent more than one sound there will be no kid left behind – no child will develop severe literacy difficulties.

Listen to a recent interview by ‘Succeed with Dyslexia’. LINK

If a child has no acuity problems can any of these so-called experts, through whatever method including brain imaging as reported by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, be able to identify ‘At Risk children’ before they go to kindergarten?

What special education needs do kids require other than being taught correctly from the onset?


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