Monday, January 20, 2020

Beating Dyslexia

Many of the YouTube videos I had complained about have been deleted.

The following video is from a website called Beating Dyslexia.

If kids are taught in the following way, which is how it is taught in most schools around the world, then there is no way the ‘Reading Wars’ will ever end.

Please listen to the video from minutes 1.50 to 2.03.

It is teaching of this kind, which is adding extraneous sounds to consonants, that cause kids to shut down from learning to read.

Is this how phonics is to be taught?
I have asked the ‘Education Guru’, Timothy Shanahan, this question back in 2017 and he avoided the question.

Read a related post on ‘Opaque and Transparent languages’ I wrote in 2017 after many comments that I made in Timothy Shanahan’s blog posts.

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