Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Speaking engagements

I had my first speaking engagement for 2020 on 6.1.2020. It was to a small group of Rotary members Rotary Club of Kinabalu Sutera in Kota Kinabalu.

The talk was well received with many questions asked during the Q & A session after the talk.
All the members could understand that it cannot be ‘phonological awareness deficit’, as propagated by the Western world, that is the cause of kids being unable to read.

I believe I was the cause of that theory being debunked with all my comments on many websites since 2010.

Read my comments and articles by searching on google – Phonological awareness Luqman Michel.

I have also terminated many YouTube videos teaching wrong sounds of letters of the alphabet by complaining to relevant authorities.

This year it is my hope that I will get the Western world to seriously look into my discovery that it is the teaching of wrong sounds of letters of the alphabet that is the cause of kids being confused and leaving school as illiterates.

I am looking forward to many speaking engagements on why kids are unable to read in English.

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