Friday, January 24, 2020

Is phonics the culprit

Yesterday, 23.1.2020, I read a post by one Amy Gibbons which stated the following;

There is 'little or no evidence' that phonics improves reading, study finds.

Academic says we should consider 'alternative methods of reading instruction', despite minister's support for phonics.

"It was time for the debate to move on to which phonics programmes are most effective".

"In an article for Educational Psychology Review, Mr Bowers writes: "The 'reading wars' that pitted systematic phonics against whole language are best characterised as a draw.
Researchers should consider alternative methods of reading instruction."

A guy from Down Under, Greg Ashman, who is very well informed and writes exceptionally well, re-twitted the post. 

I tweeted that this guy should stick to what he knows best – physics – and not just re-tweet articles on Phonics he does not know anything about. I said this because he did not respond to any of my comments on phonics in his blog. 

Greg Ashman then responded to my tweet and said, “I am going to mute you now for ad hominem.”

I am used to such treatment by the Caucasians who will mute, delete comments etc when they are challenged and cannot respond.

Anyway, I responded and tweeted, “It is not phonics that is the problem. It is the wrong way it has been taught throughout the world for decades.
Read my post yesterday together with all the links there and you will understand and agree with my findings.”

I have been saying the above for 10 years and no educator appears to understand. I believe it is because this wrong way of teaching sounds of letters has been going on for decades.

The Caucasians continue rehashing the same thing naively thinking that one day it will bring different results. Einstein had called this insanity. Should I call them insane?

I will get a few YouTube videos done, after this Chinese New Year period,  as suggested by my friend, Mr.Kandiah Namasivayam, and hopefully can get these so-called educators to understand why kids are unable to read in English but are able to read in many other languages.

Note: A woman from Canada who claims to be a remediation teacher, Jo-Anne Gross, had also sent a tweet yesterday that I should be cut off (from Twitter). I will not waste time on this woman as she is not worth my time.

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