Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Letter sounds taught in Malaysia

Here is one of several video clips I received from a teacher in Malaysia on how letter sounds are taught in most Malaysian schools.

The above video clip was forwarded by one of the teachers in a school I presented my talk. She said many schools here teach letter sounds in a similar way though not necessarily in a sing-song fashion.

I have known that sounds of letters are taught wrong for more than 10 years and have confirmed same when I gave talks to schools here.

If this is how letter sounds are taught in most schools in Malaysia and around the world, the kids predisposed to shutting down when they are confused will continue disengaging from learning to read.

This is why the illiteracy rate has not reduced despite all the 'scientific studies' undertaken.

Whatever I have been saying ever since I started this blog in 2010 is all based on my teaching and 'interview' of the children I have taught on a one on one basis.

Connect the dots between this post with the letter sounds of cuhohtuh for coat taught in Australia, the letter sounds of Charlie and the alphabet, buhluhoo for blue in the video clip from the UK, the unhealthy learning stated by David Boulton from Children of the Code and many other posts in my blog including the importance initial learning.

Most importantly please listen to the confession by the students who said they were confused and could not connect the sounds of the letters and the words introduced.

The reading wars have been going on for decades because no research is done on my findings that the cause of kids shutting down from learning to read is because of confusion caused by teachers by teaching the wrong letter sounds and not telling these kids that every letter in the English language has more than one phoneme/sound.

The first letter sound in the clip above is the sound of  'a' as in ace. However, do teachers say that the letter 'a' has more than one sound?

From the clip above how does a child prone to shutting down learn to read the word 'bad' from buhaduh. (the sound of 'a' here as in the clip is the sound of 'a' as in ace)


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