Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Corroborative Evidence (3) David Boulton

“In the learning disability world there’s a general consensus that about four to six percent or so of the learning disabilities that we identify seem to have some innate neurobiological origin, and that the vast majority of ‘learning disabilities’ — which is a really fuzzy term — are acquired. In other words, when we’re in unhealthy learning environments, we learn in ways that can be learning disabling. And that includes both the emotional and cognitive dimensions.” David Boulton
It has been reported that learning disabled children amount to approximately 20% of the population. If 4 to 6 % seem to have an innate neurobiological origin (I believe it is much less) then it means about 14 to 16% are acquired learning disabilities as reported by David above.

What does David mean by an unhealthy learning environment?

After 15 years of research and interviewing more than 100 experts on education and related fields is David still unable to figure out that one of the unhealthy environment is in classes where teachers do not teach correct sounds of letters?

What are educators doing about the Baby TV episode aired in millions of homes and listened by toddlers? Is that not a bad environment?

Note: David Boulton is the guy who interviewed all the experts on Children of the Code. After Billions of dollars via grants and donations what has that team under David come up with?
We will look at what David has come up with, in the next few posts.   

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