Friday, January 10, 2020

Corroborative evidence (4) - James Wendorf

“Most struggling children are struggling because what they learned in the past is inadequately resourcing or maladaptively directing their current learning.
The most important step toward improving the health of our children’s learning is recognizing, understanding, and minimizing, unhealthy learning.” (James Wendorf)

These professors, David Boulton, Timothy Shanahan, Reid Lyon, Andrew Johnson and a few others, should get rid of their egos and listen to experienced people who have taught so-called ‘dyslexic’ kids.

What is it that is learned in the past which is inadequately resourcing or directing their current learning? 

David Boulton heard the above quotation by James Wendorf more than 15 years ago. Let us assume he is na├»ve not to have figured out what ‘unhealthy learning’ is. Should he listen or at least discuss the matter with me who knows the answer?

I explained to David in 2017, after several failed attempts in 2015, that there are two basic reasons why kids shut down from learning to read. In my next post let us see how he responded.
Is there any educator who disagrees with my findings that the main reason why illiteracy has not reduced is that many kids shut down from learning to read when they are confused? Read my post at                                                

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Note: James Wendorf was the Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilities in 2004 when David Boulton interviewed him.

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