Friday, April 3, 2020

Diane Ravitch - Philosopher of Education?

                                                            Philosopher of Education

On the internet, it says Diane Ravitch's blog is 'A site to discuss better education for all.'
I read the following on Diane Ravitch's Blog .
Thursday, March 19, 2020
Joint Statement Regarding
“Science of Reading”

It’s time for the media and political distortions to end, and for the literacy community and policymakers to fully support the literacy needs of all children.
Unfortunately, this media coverage has distorted the research evidence on the teaching of reading, with the result that policymakers are now promoting and implementing policy based on misinformation.
This key idea of a “balanced literacy” approach stresses the importance of phonics, authentic reading, and teachers who can teach reading using a full toolbox of instructional approaches and understandings.
At the very least, federal and state legislation should not continue to do the same things over and over while expecting different outcomes.
I made the following comment and I expected Diane Ravitch to agree or dispute what I said.

March 20, 2020 at 4:03 pm
I will challenge anyone who says there is more than one way to teach the pronunciation of phonemes.

The reading wars have been going on for decades because the pronunciation of phonemes is taught wrongly.

I am trained in the auditing field and stopped working in 2004 when a father wanted me to teach his son to read. The kid had gone to kindergarten for one year and another year in primary one and could not read a single sentence in English.

I decided to do research on why a kid as smart as him could not read in English.

I have since taught more than 70 kids on a one on one basis and have learned from them why they were all able to read in Malay but not in English.

Those who went to Chinese schools could also read in Romanised Mandarin (Han Yu Pin Yin) but not in English.

These two languages use the same letters as does English.

I have since learned that all the kids I have taught are kids who had shut down from learning to read due to confusion and are wrongly classified as dyslexic.

Do read 3 unsolicited book reviews on Amazon on my book ‘Shut down kids’ and let us discuss this.
There was no response by Diane Ravitch on the above comment nor from my other comments on her blog post.

Like my friend, Timothy Shanahan, she cherry-picks only comments she is comfortable to reply.

I am not sure what 'Philosopher of education' means but I sure expected some rebuttal/agreement/comment on what I had commented on her post

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Luqman Michel said...

I read the following on the internet.
Diane Silvers Ravitch is a historian of education, an educational policy analyst, and a research professor at New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Previously, she was a U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. Ravitch writes for the New York Review of Books. Wikipedia

The internet states that her blog is a site for discussion for better education for all.

She did not comment anything on what I said on her blog. What discussion is she talking about?

How are we ever going to reduce illiteracy if so-called ‘Philosopher of education’ have nothing to say about a strong comment such as mine on her blog post.
How are we to end the reading wars if researchers like her have no opinion on comments made.