Monday, April 13, 2020

Teach your child to read - a sample lesson

Do read my post on balanced literacy here.

The post above on balanced literacy is on how I taught all my so-called dyslexic students to learn to read. They were all kids who had shut down from learning to read due to confusion. They were all able to read in Malay which uses the same letters as does English.
At the onset, I would like to say that this is not the only way to teach kids to learn to read. There are many ways, of course. However, if we teach kids the correct pronunciation of phonemes - there is only one way for teaching this - there will be no kids left behind who will require intervention.

I taught my students phonics and used family words and made them learn a few sight words so that they were able to read right from day one. 

For the first lesson, a child only needs to learn 3 sight words - a, and, on -  which any child will be able to learn with ease. Stop listening to the phonics proponents who insist that sight words should not be taught.

After 30 lessons all kids were able to read and were weaned off for tuition with other teachers.

You may read/listen to some of the testimonials from parents here. 
Here is something I recorded recently to show how a shut-down kid may be made to read with ease.

Any parent can prepare similar lessons on their own and thereby teach their children to read within a short period of time.

All my students go back home with their self-esteem boosted right from day one.

Do listen to my YouTube videos 6 to 10 on why kids shut down from learning to read.

Chick for  Video no 6 here.

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