Friday, April 3, 2020

Turning a blind eye or remaining oblivious

Here is a post on LinkedIn by a LinkedIn Connection, Nitu Bhojwani on 3.4.2020 which I am copying verbatim.

It appears apt for what I have been writing on.

This explains the attitude of most of the educators on LinkedIn and Twitter who act like ostriches. 

 Some questions don’t have answers? or we choose to remain oblivious to the answers?

Many times we say that “every question does not have an answer” - I wonder if that is true.
Answers are always there; we just need to dig deep?

We may choose to answer or choose to skip.
We may turn a blind eye or remain oblivious.
Maybe because we don’t want to face the answers?

Sometimes we are just unaware - but that’s because we haven’t yet dug deep enough.

Sometimes we have reached where we see the answers - but we don’t want to face them because we rather wished we didn’t.

The journey to asking those questions and finding answers are important.

Ask and find for self at least... don’t give them away. Keep the mask on if you are not ready to face off :)
But don’t wear a mask to your conscience.

Ask the questions. Find the answers. They are for you... your journey to self awareness... to evolve.

Another LinkedIn friend commented as follows.

What I can't Comprehend does not Exist.
We live with this Mindset. It gives a Sense of Security...

Yes, Diane Ravitch and most of the professors on LinkedIn and Twitter and some ordinary teachers from Australia and the UK simply stick their heads in the ground thinking that matters will be forgotten. 

As I have said before as far as the whites are concerned, what they cannot comprehend cannot exist.
If any educator is genuinely interested in reducing illiteracy, then he should discuss this or as I have always said – grill me!

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