Friday, April 10, 2020

"I am capable of navigating research". (Professor P.L. Thomas)

P. L. Thomas is a Professor at Furman University.

He said on his Twitter message on 7.4.2020 - ‘I have a doctorate and I know that I do *not* know everything even though I am capable of navigating research.’

I have a request for him to ‘navigate a research’ on my findings that most students – about 80% - learn to read whether you teach them pronunciation of phonemes correctly as taught by Sue Lloyd and Stephen Parker or wrongly as by most teachers around the world.

The majority learn through analysis.

The 20% of kids who I believe are the smart kids shut down when the pronunciation of phonemes is taught wrongly.

Now, Professor Paul Thomas if he chooses to ‘navigate a research’ to confirm my findings we will be on the road to end the Reading Wars.

This research can be carried out as of now by simply asking his past and present students to do exactly what I am doing with volunteers as in my post yesterday.

Here is another example of another student from Australia.

She was born in India and did her kindergarten and primary education in Perth, Australia. She is currently persuing a Bachelor in Pharmacy (Hon) degree in Perth.

The following clip is how she pronounced the phonemes of the letters A to Z.

The following clip shows her reading the nonsense words spontaneously.


I ask the same question as I asked in the previous blog post. How did she manage to read the nonsense words when she pronounced most of the consonants wrongly.

Can Professor P.L. Thomas do simple research by asking for his university students to read the letters A to Z and then asking them to read a list of nonsense words?

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